I am very proud to have received a number of awards over the years. I enjoy working on my Web site and it's nice to receive recognition for the work I have put into it. Unfortunately, some time back I lost a lot of the graphics for the awards, so I've had to remove them from this page.

My cat pages earned my site the Animal Site of the Month for December from Friend to Friend.

Friendship Award
In November of 2006, I was awarded the Friendship Award by the ladies of Friend to Friend, an online group I have recently joined.

Thanks to The 'Purrfect Site' Award Team for this "purr-fect" award!

In April 2004, I was awarded the Designed by Women Friendly Ladies Member of the Month Award. Thanks Panther!

Friendly Ladies MOTM

Women of Strength and Inner Beauty Gold Award

The Judges Garden at Women of Strength and Inner Beauty had some great things to say about my site. Thank you ladies, and thank you for this Gold Award.

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