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In the summer of 2006, I was lucky enough to be able to travel back to England with my fiance, Eric. It was a wonderful trip, full of reminiscences of my early years. I felt that Eric came back to the United States with a much clearer insight into who I am, having seen many of the places I visited while growing up.

Since Eric had never been to London, a trip "in to town" was on the agenda for our visit. I'll include some photos and links here.

There are certain "must-see" landmarks that are part of any visit to London, and I think we hit most of them!

Buckingham Palace - The Queen's London residence and headquarters of the Royal Household.

Every morning, the crowd starts building up out front and around the statue of Queen Victoria, in preparation for the
Changing of the Guard.

The Houses of Parliament sit on the banks of the River Thames. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the clocktower, which rings with that familiar chime.

There's a river boat cruise that you can take from Tower Bridge back to the Houses of Parliament (Big Bus Tours). I've taken it twice over the years, and both times, I have seen the bridge open up to allow tall ships to sail underneath. It's pretty neat to watch!

What tour of London would be complete without a visit to the Tower of London? There's a great exhibition set up in the White Tower, and of course there's so much history about the place, it makes your mind reel!

These pics represent just a small portion of the places we visited in London. One day isn't nearly long enough to see everything, but I think my dad and I were able to give Eric a good overview, as it were. I've included some more links to London-related sites below.

More links: London Web Cams - a virtual tour of London via Web Cam.
Historic Royal Palaces
Visit London - the official website for London

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