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I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the image of the traditional English thatched cottage. I have long been fascinated with them. Each thatched cottage seems to have a character of its own.

Of course, originally they were simply practical. Local inhabitants roofed their houses with the materials that were available to them and that might be grass, straw, reeds etc. Nowadays, reed is the most popular material for thatching.

Thatching is somewhat of a dying art although, as you can see from the photographs on the next page, there are still skilled thatchers at work.

Thatching in Progress - I was able to get "during" and "after" photographs of a cottage being re-thatched on consecutive visits to family in England.

Thatched Cottage Links
Below you'll find links to articles on the history of thatching, as well as more photographs of thatching in progress and a glossary of thatching terms.

The History of Thatching - just what it says.

Thatched Living - a bi-monthly magazine preserving the thatching tradition and promoting thatched living.

Thatching Tools and Tech Specs - also includes a glossary of thatching terms.

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