I must just say that I'll be the first to admit we have a lot of cats. Strangely enough, if you had asked me a few years ago, I would have told you I didn't like cats. That was before Freckles walked into my life - literally. She was hanging around on the balcony one night in 1999 and we petted her. The next morning I opened the door to go out and she walked in, strolled around and made herself at home!

Cat Quotes

Click on the links below to see photos and read about my cats, past and present.

Past Cats

Freckles     Chloe

Baggie    Merlin


When They Were Young

The Kittens

Present Cats

Bandit    Pippin

Panda    Missy

Cali & her Kittens

Thanks to The I-Love-Cats.com 'Purrfect Site' Award Team for this "purr-fect" award!

Tomball Abandoned Animal Rescue

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