Fall and Autumn Activities, Articles and Links

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It signals (hopefully) a relief from the endless heat and humidity of summer in Houston, Texas, and begins the countdown to the Holiday Season.

While we don't really have seasons here in Houston, and we don't get the lovely fall colors of areas further north, I still get excited once October rolls around.

On my Fall pages, I've gathered articles, links and recipes to get you in the mood for fall. I hope you enjoy them and come back, as I'll be adding to them as I go along.


I normally consider myself a non-cook. I really find it quite easy to go from one Holiday season to the next without doing any more than heating something up. But something happens to me when fall arrives... I actually get the urge to COOK!! Below are some of my favorite fall recipes - perfect for serving during the fall season.

The following recipes are posted elsewhere and will open in a new window.


Fall Quotes and Poems
Get Ready for Fall Fun
Warm Up Your Fall - Quick Tips for Autumn Decor
Organize Your Seasonal Home Decorating

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Fall Colors - from the USDA Forest Service
The Chemistry of Fall Colors - Why Leaves Change Color
Fall Color Web Cams - From Weather Matrix

More to Come!

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