Family and Friends


Mum and dad on the Windsor Wheel

This photo of mum and dad was taken on the Windsor Wheel, July 2006.

My sister Julie, with mom-in-law, Maureen and daughter Abigail

My sister Julie with daughter Abigail, and mother-in-law, Maureen. I think this was taken at my birthday dinner.

My best schoolfriend, Julie, was there to help me celebrate my 50th birthday.

In 2006, at the suggestion of my sister, I went back to England to celebrate my 50th birthday. I was especially happy that my best schoolfriend, Julie Moss (nee Ayton) was able to come a celebrate with me :)

Paul with Abigail and Harrison, July 2006

My sister, Julie, and her husband Paul, are purchasing a villa in Spain. This photo was taken of Paul with Abigail and Harrison on one of their trips out to monitor construction of the villa.

Montage of pics
Easy to see what I did with this one :-) This is my sister, Julie (who will be glad I finally added something to this page) with her children, Abigail and Harrison. (This has been shrunk down from the original)

This is a "before" version of a pic of Abigail. The "after" version was called "Abigail_Mangle.jpg" so I won't scare you by adding it here.

Mum and dad in the kitchen
Here's my mum and dad in my kitchen. I've adjusted the levels in this photo, so they are not in the dark and the window behind them isn't bleached out by sunlight.

Abigail and Harrison
Here's a lovely photo of Abigail and Harry. In the original, they both had major red eye which spoiled the picture somewhat. After I did this, I printed it out and mailed to my sister because I liked the result so much.

Easy to see what I did with this one - I added a frame! My instructor, Janee, pointed out that the reflection of the light on the door makes it look as if Harry has a halo - she obviously hasn't met him! LOL!


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