How Does Your Garden Grow? Early Summer 2006

Having finally found a sprinkler that would work well with my low outside water pressure, I've been able to give the lawn and garden a good start for this summer. We'll see how it holds up in July and August, but I'm hopeful that it won't all die like it did last year.

What's exciting (well, to a gardener, this kind of thing is exciting) is that I can see that the St. Augustine grass, that suffered so badly last year, is really reviving and is putting out good healthy stolons of new growth, gradually filling in the bare areas. As expected, the winter rye is dying off, but there's some bermuda growth keeping it green too. If I end up with a mixture of St. Augustine and bermuda, that will be ok.

I was out with the camera again recently, and here's how it looks.

The sprigs of mint that I planted in pots and placed around the edge of the patio have really come on well. I can see why they recommend you corral mint in pots, otherwise it will take over your garden! The caladiums under the window are doing great too. (The odd pattern of water on the ground isnt from some freak rainstorm, it's where I was using the hose to water the plants)

My garden fairy again (I need to give her a name) underneath one of the crepe myrtle trees.

The whole flowerbed aong the back fence is bursting into bloom now. It makes it very pleasant to sit out on the swing and relax in the garden.

The brick border I put round the azalea bed was the best thing I could have done for the area. Every time we got a heavy rain, water poured off the roof (no gutters) and flooded the flowerbed, taking any mulch or soil I put down away with it. With the border, the rainwater doesn't flood into the flowerbed, but takes the gravel drainage channel around the patio and out of the garden. The tall shrub in the flowerbed was given to me by a neighbor when I first moved in. It was no more than a stick then and I didn't know what it was. It turned out to be a hibiscus. (Rose of Sharon)

This is one of my favorite photos. It's a close up of my Rose of Sharon, complete with a busy bee helping himself to the pollen. I'm pleased my little camera was able to capture it.

The caladiums I planted in tubs really love this area under my window on the patio. They're going crazy. I hope I didn't plant too many of them!

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