The Garden - Fall 2009

After the brutally hot and dry summer, once the cooler weather arrived in September, I couldn't wait to get out and start working in the back garden.

The first thing I did was to begin expanding the border that we had along the back wall. For the original, we used the stones that were left over by the builder, after they had finished doing the accent on the front gable of the house. I was wandering around WalMart's garden center when I came across a pile of stones which matched. I snapped up 20 and started loading them in the car!

Note that the original stone had begun weathering once it was on the ground, so it will take a little time before this new section weathers too.

In the front of the house, the garden rewarded me with splashes of fall color. I love it!

And then there was the day I stepped outside to find myself in the middle of the Dance of the Butterflies. October is migration time and I saw Monarchs, Fritillaries and Sulphurs dancing on the breeze - just beautiful!

Monarch butterfly on Milkweed

Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia

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