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Gardening in Texas can be a challenge, as you have to consider the extreme heat and humidity when selecting plants. But even so, gardening has long been a hobby of mine. When I was married to my first husband, I took great delight in working in our garden, in spite of the punishing heat of a Texas summer.

When I divorced and moved into an apartment, I tried to keep in touch with the outdoors by growing container plants on my balcony. Then, when I moved into my very own home, I had a blank canvas to work with. You can see how I did in the My Cottage Garden section below.

Now that Eric and I are in our new house, and I get to work on our garden, I'll be adding photos and discussing the failures and successes I have, as well as providing you with links to other gardening resources.

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Our New Garden

When we first moved into our new house, I kept a record on this site of how the garden was doing each season, as we created the garden beds and got planting. I no longer update this site with garden updates, but maintain a garden blog instead (see link above) and keep this site as an archive of previous posts.

  • Garden - Summer 2013 - yes, that's right 2013, not 2012! I can't believe it has been so long since I last updated!
  • Garden - Spring 2012 - the spring of 2012 brought some much needed rain and relief from the drought. It even encouraged us to start a veggie garden!
  • Garden - Fall 2011 - after a brutal summer, the fall of 2011 brought some nice surprises.
  • Garden - Summer 2011 - the summer of 2011 brought record breaking heat and drought!
  • Garden - Spring 2011 - Spring came early, but the rains didn't...
  • Garden - Winter 2010/2011 - a particularly harsh winter meant some plants were lost, but in the end, spring arrived, heralded by the daffodils.
  • Garden - Fall 2010 - fall color and wildlife a-plenty in the garden!
  • Garden - Summer 2010 - The garden flourished in the summer of 2010, inspite of playing host to four kittens for several weeks.
  • By the end of May 2010, we had a Parade of Daylilies going on in our front garden.
  • Houston Grows Meetup, May 2010 - One of the benefits of blogging about my garden is getting to meet some great people with similar interests.
  • Garden - Spring 2010 - After the long, cold winter, I was eager to get started on some garden projects and also worried about what might not have survived the freeze.
  • Garden - Winter 2009 - The winter of 2009 will go down in history of having the earliest recorded snowfall in the Houston area!
  • The Patio - Summer/Fall 2009 - One of our favorite pastimes is sitting out on our beautiful patio, chatting over a glass of wine
  • Garden - Fall 2009 - After the brutal summer, I welcomed the cooler weather, and the butterfly migration.
  • Garden - Summer 2009 - the Summer of 2009 brought with it a brutal drought, but even so, several plants thrived to attract the birds, bees and butterflies.
  • Garden - Spring 2009 - Eric is amazed how quickly things grow down here
  • Garden - Backyard Safari - Early spring 2009 - Since moving in to our new home, one of our favorite pastimes is sitting quietly on the patio and watching the wildlife in our very own Backyard Safari.
  • Garden Late Winter 2008/2009 - even as the rest of the country is buried in snowdrifts, we are able to start work in our new garden.
  • Garden - Summer 2008 - Our new garden will be a peaceful retreat for us to relax in, even in the heat of summer.
  • The new garden - my mind is already buzzing with ideas for our new garden.

My Cottage Garden

Before Eric and I got married and moved into our own house, I owned a little cottage and spent many hours creating a garden that brought me great joy. You can see the progress of that garden through the links below, in reverse chronological order.

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