Our Garden - Summer 2008

Even as the house was going up, I was drawn to the back garden. Since the builders were able to save the mature pine tree, that became the focal point of the garden. The pattern of shadows it created, as the sun moved across the sky, fascinated me, even before the sod was down!

We had selected the lot carefully and the tree had been one deciding factor. The other was the fact that the wide covered patio across the back of the house faced to the north, so it was going to be in the shade until very late in the afternoon when the sun went down in the west).

Once I moved in (you can read about *that* traumatic day here) I quickly found that, even in August, I could sit outside on the back patio in relative comfort and enjoy the garden and the birds in the trees.

But we're really going to have to do something about that blank wall at the back of the property!

In the front garden, I've already made a start by adding some hibiscus to the shrubs that the builder planted in the front flowerbed.

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