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One of the features that stood out when we were choosing the floorplan for our house was the covered patio on the back of the house. It was twice the width of many other patios that we saw, it faced north so we thought it would be bearable in summer and we could get ceiling fans, which would make summer evenings pleasant.

However, to be honest, we wondered how much use we would actually get out of the patio. At my cottage, I sat on the front porch in the mornings, but usually was watching TV in the evenings and didn't go out there after dark.

Since we moved into the new house, one of our favorite pastimes on weekends has been sitting out on the patio in the evening, chatting over a glass of wine.

We don't normally have every light in the house on, but I love the effect in this photo.

I've had fun decorating the patio. The Adirondack chairs have comfy cushions and I made some macrame hangers for the hanging ferns.

Those macrame hangers were so "in" back in the early 80's and I still like the look of them. It took some doing, but I found a place that sells the supplies online and I once I got started I discovered I still remembered how to make them.

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