The Garden Project

My parents had very kindly offered to help me get started on my back garden, something that would have been hard to do on my own - in spite of my enthusiasm. Due to their busy schedule of trips and vacations already planned throughout the year, and a desire to NOT being laying a patio in the heat of July, I called All-American Grass to see if they could deliver two pallets of sod (turfgrass, for the non-American among you) during the last week of February. There were some tense moments leading up to mum and dad's arrival, because the preceding week was cold and wet. There was the distinct possibility that the fields from which the grass was going to be cut would be waterlogged.

However, miracle of miracles, the rain stopped several days before mum and dad's arrival date and the grass people were able to deliver on time. I called mum and dad up the day before they left England to let them know, there was no pressure, but there would be two pallets of St. Augustine waiting in the driveway when they arrived!

You can follow our progress by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below. Each will take you to a separate page, with information about the photo and a link to the next page.

Two pallets of St. AugustinePreparing lawn area
The first pieces of sod go downAlmost done!
Hauling patio paversDad gets started on the patio
The patio takes shapeEdging the flower beds
Starting to look goodDad finishing off the patio
View across the lawnView across the lawn 2

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