The Garden - Spring 2006

The summer of 2005 was brutal, with severe drought adding to the usual extreme heat of Houston. My own lawn, as well as many others in the neighborhood, suffered badly and by the end of August my St. Augustine appeared to be mostly dead, in spite of my having watered it.

In desperation, I over-seeded the dead St. Augustine sod with winter rye grass and my efforts to save the lawn were soon rewarded with a soft fuzz of green.

This lawn did quite well over the winter, giving me probably the only green lawn in the neighborhood! By January 2006, it was fully in, but I know it's only temporary. Once the summer heat arrives, the winter rye will start dying off. I hope that the apparently dead St. Augustine recuperates, or I'll need to come up with another solution.

In addition to the lawn making it through the winter, the flower beds did pretty well. We're still way behind on rainfall, but I finally found a decent sprinkler that actually works with my low outside water pressure and reaches most of the back garden in one watering.

Finally - much needed rain in May 2006!

Some bulbs that I planted last year, made it through the drought and rewarded me with beautiful blooms this spring.

This cute little garden fairy and her toadstool sit in the shade under one of my crepe myrtles.

The petunias are keeping me busy dead-heading them regularly!

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