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The Garden - Spring 2011

Spring came early in 2011, with the daffodils blooming in January.

But I really felt like spring had arrived when I discovered that the little bluebonnet I had by the tree in the front garden last year had self-seeded!

In addition, the pansies were still blooming, as they had been doing since Thanksgiving. The freezing weather only slowed them down a bit!

As spring wore on though, we realized that Texas was in a drought. It went on record as being the worst drought in 50 years.

The drought didn't faze the daylilies, which bloomed prolifically in the front border...

... or the Vitex, which this swallowtail butterfly appreciated!

However, other trees around the Houston area were showing signs of stress, if not already dying, by the first day of summer.

We did all we could to keep our trees healthy, and we can only hope it's working. So far, so good.

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