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The Garden - Spring 2012

After a brutal year in 2011 that saw record breaking drought and heat, the garden was in need of a bit of refreshment. Thankfully it got some in early 2012. Regular storms came through that helped replenish the water supply and the garden appreciated it. OK - so there were days when we got a little too much, but I don't think anyone complained!

Rain water pools up after a heavy rain

This was the year that Eric got the gardening bug too. He decided to put some of the leftover brick from the house to good use and built a small raised vegetable garden.

Raised vegatable bed

Starting off simple for the first year, he planted some tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peas and we added some herbs.

Tomato plant

The results have been mixed, but encouraging. We've learned a lot, considering we are both completely new to growing vegatables. The tomatoes are doing well, the bell pepper - nothing. The peas shrivelled up because they are cool season crops. The cucumbers flowered a lot, but haven't produced fruit yet. We may need to so some manual pollinating there.

Ripening grapes

The grapes were a huge success this spring, much to Eric's delight. He was so bummed last time it had fruit on it and the raccoons got them all and brought the vine down to the ground. This year, with the new heavy-duty supports, the vine fruited prolifically and we had plenty of grapes, and were happy to share the rest with the birds.

Island bed

I planted lots of different things in the new island bed that we put in last fall. Perhaps not the best plan for planting, but it's a start. I can think about design and asthetics another year.

Day Lilies

The front border has become rather overgrown, but I was happy to see some daylilies manage to shoulder their way up between the garden mums and the shrubs. I need to get out there and pull out about a million milkweed seedlings though - to give room for other stuff to grow!

In fact - let me do that now, instead of sitting here indoors in the air conditioning!

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