The Garden - Summer 2009

Well I must say that Eric's first summer in Houston was brutal! Texas had the worst drought that we have experienced in years! Temperatures were in the high nineties for months on end! The only difference between this year and the last drought I experienced, in 2005, was that we are lucky enough to have a sprinkler system at our new house.

Even with the sprinklers, we had some casualties - areas of grass that died.

It took some tweaking to get a balance between meeting the lawn's needs while still keeping within the restrictions. But eventually, we got it right.

Eventually, I'm hoping we'll have less lawn -- I plan to expand the border and possibly add an island bed, leaving us with just wide "pathways" of lawn around the beds, rather than this expanse of green. But digging and building beds is a job for the cooler months of winter.

One of our most prolific bloomers throughout the summer was this Rose of Sharon. I have several of them dotted around. Some were rooted from cuttings I took from the Rose of Sharon at my old cottage. This one was purchased.

Throughout the summer, in spite of the brutal conditions, the Vitex tree continued blooming and attracted butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

The bees also adored the butterfly bush!

So, to recap, the summer of 2009 was brutal, but it was a learning experience. I feel that next year, we'll handle it better, being more prepared for it.

Another thing I decided during the summer of 2009 -- next year we're going to employ a service to mow the lawn! Trying to get our large yard done in the heat of a Houston summer was TORTURE! I like gardening, but that tested my endurance to the max. I won't put myself through it again, and I certainly won't ask Eric to do it!

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