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The Garden - Summer 2010

The summer of 2010 wasn't anywhere near as brutal as the summer of 2009. After our raindance at the Houston bloggers meet-up we had fairly regular rains throughout the early part of the summer which seemed to give everything a head start.

In addition, I was able to tackle some projects like replacing the ugly plastic edging I had put in around the pine tree in the back garden.

I was so happy with the way that turned out that I got more of those stones from Lowe's and expanded the border on the west side of the garden.

But really, the summer of 2010 has to be known as The Summer of the Cats. It's a rather long story, but suffice to say that a small calico cat began hanging around the house. We shooed her away a few times but then noticed how skinny she was, so we took pity on her and began feeding her.

Eventually, she got quite friendly and let us approach her and pet her. We named her Cali.

But then there was the day when Eric wandered after her to see where she went when she left our garden. He came back in quickly and said, "Houston, we have a problem."

The problem turned out to be four kittens that Cali was nursing in the thicket on the east side of our house. One day, she decided she trusted us enough to bring them over.

They were healthy and lively kittens. Cali did a good job of taking care of them. But we wondered how long our garden would hold up to 4 rampaging youngsters who like to climb trees, chase bugs and catch birds.

Eventually we made the decision that we would have to try and catch them, which we did, and get them socialized and ready to be adopted. I think we knew then that we'd probably end up with five additional cats in our already full household. As I type this (October) the outcome is still undecided.

Once the kittens were safely confined to the house, the garden was able to flourish freely, which I'm glad to say it did :-)

Homestead Verbena

We were graced with many visits from swallowtails and other butterflies throughout July and August.

Swallowtail Butterfly

And I spent many hours trying to get a decent photo of the hummingbirds that were waging battle over our feeders.

Hummingbird on feeder

I'll update the Cats pages with information on Cali and her kittens when I get a moment.

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