The giving and receiving of gifts has been a human tradition, probably since the first caveman found an interesting-looking rock and brought it back to his tribe to present to a respected elder.

I love gifts - both giving them and receiving them! Below you will see some of the lovely gifts I have received from internet friends.
Below are gifts I have received from the members of the Garden of Friendship. Each and every one is treasured as if it were a precious jewel, as is the friendship of the gift-giver.

In a week where I have been feeling rather down and under the weather, it was especially nice to be treated to these lovely gifts from Lovely Lilacs, from the Blossoms Committee at the Garden of Friendship.




Thank you PreacherMan for this beautiful welcome gift.

Welcome to GOF
Thank you to Lady Care for sending me this lovely welcome gift from the Garden of Friendship

Thank you to Mickey Mom who sent me this lovely welcome gift featuring a photograph of a beautiful clematis from her own garden.

This lovely welcome gift came from Vicki, who I previously knew in another online group - WOSIB.

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