Miniature Dollhouses

I had wanted to build a dollhouse for ages. Very often when I would go into a hobby store, I'd stand by the dollhouses, positively drooling! But time and space never really permitted me to go ahead and build one.

Finally, I found a kit that looked fairly simple, and small enough that the finished dollhouse would fit in my apartment that I was living in at the time. It was a "Lafayette" kit.

One of the things I like about building dollhouses is that they give me the opportunity to try my hand at various tasks, from woodworking, to painting and wallpapering, to sewing soft furnishings and making miniature furniture. In short, I can satisfy just about all my creative urges in one project!

Edited to add: It's been several years now, since I was able indulge in this hobby. I think I stopped around the time that cats and kittens entered my llife. Probably for the same reason I took up digital scrapbooking, rather than actual scrapbooking.

I'm leaving these pages up though, so that you can see the houses I worked on. I still have the Lafayette, but the other dollhouse was given to charity so that a child could enjoy a dollhouse for Christmas.

My Dollhouses

The Lafayette - my first effort

My new dollhouse project - this is a completed
dollhouse I'm beginning to decorate.

Dollhouse Links

Miniature Net

Small Stuff Minature Diget - excellent resource for miniature enthusiasts

rec.crafts.dollhouses - the website for the newsgroup, tips, archives

Jim's Dollhouse Page - photos of finished dollhouse projects and a growing collection of printables for your dollhouse.

Anne Gerdes Dollhouses - I got a lot of inspiration from this lady's wonderful dollhouses.

Alice's Dollhouse Page - step by step photos of the construction of a Tennyson dollhouse.

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