The Kittens

Chloe and her babies
Chloe took to motherhood like a duck to water. She actually smiled as she rolled over to let them nurse.
Missy being hand fed
Frank had to hand feed the littlest one with kitten milk replacer. We were worried for a while that it wouldn't make it.
Chloe watches the kittens
Chloe watched patiently as her brood got into all sorts of trouble.

It wasn't long before the kittens' eyes were open and they were eager to explore.

Pippin and Bandit watch as LilGuy (later renamed as "Missy") leaves the nest.

Once Panda got going, there was no holding him back. Here's he's climbed on the arm of the sofa!

Here Panda and Lil Guy (later known as Missy) explore the bookshelves.

And after a hard day crawling around the apartment, there's nothing like a nap

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