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Here are just some of the Web sites I visit regularly. The About sites are listed because they are simply the best on the Net with regards to their topic. I'd warn you to turn your popup blocker on before visiting, but that would cheat the Guide out of well-earned income, and I know from experience how many thousands of hours these guys have put into their sites.

About Classic Rock - Patty has the most awesome site. If you like Classic Rock you'll love this site. Check the Daily Lyrics Challenge, the Top 500 Songs and more. The discussion forum is also lively and entertaining.

About Cats - Franny has a wonderful site, filled with everything you need to know about cats. She's got a great photo gallery you can submit your kitty pics to and a chatty discussion forum.

About Urban Legends - If you ever wonder about the truth of some of those fantastic emails you get, telling you about people waking up with missing kidneys etc., David's site is the place to go! Current Net Hoaxes will put your mind at ease, and the Wierd News Headlines are always entertaining. The forum rocks too :-)

EquiSearch.com - formerly About Horses - my horses site, everything you ever wanted to know about horses and then some.

HoustonHorses.net - my other Web site - everything for the Houston equestrian.

Apple - What can I say, I'm a Mac user :-) Check out that G5!!!!

Apple Music Store - where I get all my MP3's

Garden Angel's Graphics - where I got most of the backgrounds and graphics for this Web site.

Absolute Background Textures Archive - literally hundreds of backgrounds and borders - also allows you to make custom buttons to match.

Emode.com - All kinds of fun tests, including the Original IQ Test and Are You a Sex God/Goddess?

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics - Entertaining site - in their own words... "When supposedly serious scenes totally disregard the laws of physics in blatantly obvious ways it's enough to make us retch. The motion picture industry has failed to police itself against the evils of bad physics. This page is provided as a public service in hopes of improving this deplorable matter."

KKRW, The Arrow - my local radio station.

Jethro Tull - lots of information and news for Tull fans, such as myself.

Yes Online - news and information for Yes fans.

Roger Dean - the incredible artist who illustrated many Yes albums in the early days. There are some stunning examples of his work in The Gallery, and Up Close. Roger Dean influenced my artistic leanings in the 70's and 80's although I couldn't even hold a candle to him.

Eric Wilson's Homepage - Computer graphics and original stories from this talented man in San Fransisco.

LovingYou.com - Beautiful, romantic ecards for you to send to your love.

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