Our New House

Throughout 2006 and 2007, Eric and I were planning to transfer to the Seattle, WA, area. But for various reasons that never did come to fruition.

In the late summer of 2007 we began talking about alternatives and Eric discovered he was eligible for early retirement in the summer of 2008. Since we were no longer thinking about a transfer, Eric started to consider the possibility of moving to Texas. A sure sign, as Eric pointed out, of either true love, or insanity!

On Eric's visits, we started looking around at new homes and neighborhoods in the area. Eric was impressed with the quality of homes available, and the low cost, compared to the Bay Area, where housing costs are completely ridiculous. As I pointed out, they have to give people some kind of incentive to endure the blisteringly hot Texas summers, if they charged more, the state would be empty!

Around Thanksgiving 2007 we found a builder we liked and a home plan we felt was ideal for us. It was available in several neighborhoods, but we whittled it down to a choice of two and eventually selected one of them.

When Eric came to visit for Valentine's Day, 2008, we went and talked with the Sales Representative we had spoken with at Thanksgiving and -- Ta-DAH!!!! - signed a contract!

So now the adventure begins anew. These pages will document the building of our new home and of course, I'll have to start on a new garden etc, which is exciting.

I'm going to leave the pages up for my New Country Home that I purchased in 2003 and which has been the cornerstone of this web site.

When I got depressed at the thought of leaving the little house, Eric pointed out that I shouldn't be sad. It has been an important milestone for me, a symbol of my transition from the problems and issues I had in my life before, and should be considered as a good stepping stone for us to move off from as we begin our life together.

Come with us on our adventure, via the links below as we choose the design and lot for our house and as it begins to take shape.

Now Eric and I are finally in our new house, we can settle down to the business of turning it into a home.

Come on a virtual tour of our home. I'll add to these pages as the decorating continues. Updated 12/21/08

Kitchen | Guest Bathroom | Master Bedroom | Living Room

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