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I'm sure you know how excited I am to be getting my own house. It's taken me a while, but I've finally got to the point where a mortgage company wouldn't roll off it's chair laughing at the thought of giving me a loan and where I can think about getting the home of my dreams.

It's not the home in the country I dreamed about briefly, with acres of land for the horses. Logic put that little dream in the circular file -- too much money, too much maintenance for one person to handle, etc.

But it is the dream of getting out of an apartment and into my very own place, with most of the features I want (except the fireplace, but I think in Houston I can live without that!)

Here's what my house will look like when it's built
Here's what my house will look like when it's built

My favorite feature - that front porch! I can just picture myself sitting out there in the evening, sipping on a cup of tea! I can't wait. Inside, it's got three bedrooms, so I can finally have somewhere other than a corner of the living room to serve as an office/crafts room.

Click on the links below to take a virtual tour with me as I did my first walk-through of the completed house!

Update: Some pages are now updated with new photographs. (6/12/05)

The Foundation |  Exterior Views |  The Porch |  The Living Room |  The Spare Bedroom |  The Guest Bathroom |  The Craft Room/Office |  The Kitchen/Dining Area |  The Master Suite |  The Back Garden

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