Our New House - Kitchen Countertops

I was eager to seeing what the counter tops and tile that I had selected would look like. For a couple of days I kept peeking in the windows, only to be disappointed that they hadn't been put in yet. So on June 1st, when I got there and saw the countertops were in and the tile backsplash had been started, I was thrilled!

I'm glad I opted for the granite, and now I see it in place, I love the color I selected.

Margaux, our salesperson, tells me that other people that she has shown through our house have been very interested to see the custom options we have chosen.

The big one being that we decided not to have the plain old square island that comes with the Warren VII and went with the contoured countertops that come with the Warren IV. (The buildier actually only offers the Warren VII in our subdivision, but we had seen the Warren IV and preferred some of the features that came standard with it, so we "customized" until we had what amounted to a Warren IV)

The other benefit of the cabinet and counter configuration we chose is that we got these awesome arches around the kitchen!

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