Our New House - The Frame Goes Up

I knew the next step was for the frame of the house to start going up, but I had no experience of how long this might take. So when I drove along Spell Road and saw our ROOF visible over the wall of our back yard, I started squealing like a schoolgirl as I drove past and turned in to our road!

I didn't go by in a couple of days, and we had a rainstorm in that time, but DANG, that frame went up quickly!

Eric was visiting that weekend (April 18 - 21) so, without mentioning the progress, I took him over to see the house.

He couldn't believe that the frame was up, and we spent forever wandering through the jungle of wall studs, pacing out the rooms :)

One thing that amused us, throughout the house, the project manager had left notes for Juan, on the construction team, spray painted on the FLOOR! Notes such as "Juan - Missing niche above fireplace" "Juan, window too small" "Juan, don't install door if it's not Q-Lite" (quarterlight, I'm assuming)

I half-expected to see spray paint on the inside of the front door "I QUIT! JUAN"

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