Our New House - Interior Takes Shape

The day I visited and took pictures of the brick and stone on the outside, I also checked the interior, only to find my way blocked by a big pile of sheetrock! Three days later, all the drywall was up!

The first picture looks in to the "formal dining room" from the family room. I love all those arches! We decided, since we are quite happy eating our meals in the eat-in kitchen/breakfast nook, we don't need a formal dining room as well. So we decided to make this room my office and opted to have the half-wall added, instead of just having it open to the family room.

The plan is to have my computer desk against the half wall so I can watch TV in the family room and chat with Eric while he's sitting on the sofa. I'll have my craft table and bookshelves on the other side of the room.

The second picture shows the fireplace in the family room and the wall of windows looking out to the back garden. I love the niche above the fireplace, it will be a perfect fit for the portrait that my friend and former neighbor, Kathy, did of my horse Annapolis.

And the last picture shows the beautiful window in the bedroom. Another former neighbor, Steve, is going to make a stained glass window to fit in the arched window at the top. Steve is the one who built the overhead shade structure for the patio at my current house.

I hope to keep in contact with both Steve and Kathy, and the other Kathy, even though they have already moved on, and I am about to move in a month or two.

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