Our New House - The Living Room

I had some fears, before we actually moved in, that we'd have trouble fitting my furniture into the living room. It's much bigger than the living room in my cottage, but it's a very different shape. I had quite a few sleepless nights worrying how it would all fit.

Dad sort of took over on moving day, cleaning up cat hair off the furniture as it was moved in (I was having a meltdown over a missing cat with a broken leg, but that's another story).

However, as it turned out, things fitted in nicely. The entertainment center that I was worried would be too big, fit perfectly along the wall.

By the time mum and dad went back to England, the living room was beginning to look like home.

Another view of the living room, from the breakfast nook.

The addition of this beautiful area rug I discovered at Lowe's added comfort underfoot in the sitting area.

I had the valances finished in time for Thanksgiving -- our first in our new house. I think they make the living room look very cozy and added the final touch.

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