Our New House - The Master Bedroom

I totally love our new master bedroom. As my friend, Dee, said when she first saw it, it's a "Retreat".

Of course, when we first moved in, with no window treatments and a vast expanse of hardwood flooring, it didn't look too cozy.

Nothing fancy, right after moving in.

But I had visions for the master bedroom and fairly soon I had selected some area rugs to make it look more homey.

Two small rugs for either side of the bed....

... and a more substantial rug for the area between the bed and the dresser. I consider myself lucky to have found the rugs. I'd been browsing through the selection at Lowe's, wanting something to complement the greens in the comforter and finally, the perfect design jumped out - and at a very reasonable price :)

In addition, after *nearly* spending $400 on window treatments, I found the perfect fabric in Hobby Lobby and ended up making valances for the windows for around $50!!!

Now I just have to make valances for the living room, breakfast nook, kitchen and guest bedroom!

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