Our New House - More Detail on the Inside

I went over to the house a couple of times without the camera, but most of what was happening was "behind the scenes" stuff.

On May 10, my former neighbor, Kathy (who painted the portrait of my horse, Annapolis, which will grace the niche over the fireplace) stopped by. I invited her to come and see the progress on the house, which had been a dirt lot last time she saw it!

I didn't have my camera with me that day, but I went over the next day and took these photos.

The first thing I noticed were the brick columns on the back porch. Last week there had been simple 4 x 4's there. And on the model had been 4 x 4 with Hardie Plank sheathing, which is what I have on my current home on the front porch. I wasn't expecting the brick columns and I really like the effect!

But most of the changes were now happening on the inside.

The fireplace had been put in, as had the spice rack in the pantry and the shelves in the master closet (see below)

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