Our New House - Moving Day

At the beginning of August, 2008, moving day finally came. Eric couldn't be here for the move (hmmmmmm... I think he planned that deliberately), but mum and dad came over to help.

I'll be the first to admit that if it hadn't been for my dad, the move might not have happened.

I'll try and explain...

First, just a couple of days before the move, one of the cats, Panda, somehow managed to break his foot! So that had me upset.

Then, I found myself strangely emotional about leaving my little cottage that I had loved so much. I felt really depressed and couldn't get into packing and getting ready to move. When the time came I was nowhere near ready.

Add to that I was worried about what to do about Merlin, the cat that had taken up residence on my back patio. Should I leave him? Should I bring him with me? If I brought him with me, should I let him outside, or make him an indoor cat? I was a wreck, worrying about everything.

Then, if all that weren't enough, the day we had scheduled for the move, Tropical Storm Eduardo was heading straight towards the Houston area, so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to move that day at all!

And, to top it all, Panda (remember him, he's the cat with the broken foot) WENT MISSING during the move!!!! We searched both houses from top to bottom and he was nowhere to be found.

If I had been a basket case before, I was doubly so now. I couldn't imagine where the poor little guy could be. It was stormy outside and he had a splint on his leg that wasn't supposed to get wet!

But, as the saying goes, all's well that ends well. The Tropical Storm turned out to be a bit of a non-event and we were able to move everything without a hitch.

To save money, we had the movers only move the main furniture and we would move all the stuff in the cabinets and miscellaneous stuff ourselves over the next several days. Thanks to Dad's monumental efforts, we got everything out of my little cottage and in to Eric's and my new home.

Missy, Bandit and Pippin, not too sure what to think

We put all the cats, in their travel boxes, in the master closet where it was nice and dark. I also put a pheremone diffuser in there to help keep them calm. Once all the moving was over, I opened the boxes and let them explore when they were ready.

Panther gets brave enough to peek out of his travel box

After worrying about Panda, and where he could be, for three full days, I was walking through the living room when suddenly mum and I both heard a plaintive mew from a area where there weren't any apparent cats. I looked over the half wall into my office and there was Panda, creeping out from behind the filing cabinet where he had apparently been holed up since the move! I scooped him up and hugged him in floods of tears. He was perfectly okay and ready for something to eat!

A week later, after mum and dad had gone back home, I went back over to the cottage to vacuum and clean up and Merlin (who had been missing on the day I made an appointment for him to visit the vet) was sitting on the back patio wondering where everyone went. I called Eric in tears and asked if I could bring Merlin home with me. He said if I could catch him and get him in a carrier, to go for it.

So Merlin rode back to our new house, half in and half out of a carrier box that we got from PetSmart for the move. I had to hold him by the scruff of his neck to stop him jumping out but he just sat there with his paws over the edge of the box, taking great interest in the surroundings as we drove slowly along. I set him up in the guest bedroom so the others could get used to his scent before introducing them.

After a couple of days (after a rescheduled appointment with the vet, where he was deemed as fit as a fiddle), I'd let him out for a while, but put him back in there at night. After a week or so, he was pretty much "part of the pack."

Wow - this really got long, didn't it? And it's mostly about cats. Hmmmm, funny thing, that.

Well, let's just say it was something I don't want to have to do again for a long time!

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