Our New House - Preparations

Update - July, 2008: Yay!!! A month has passed, the house is finished, the inspection has been completed and a few minor corrections/cleanups have been made.

In addition, I spent several hours at the title company signing Eric's name on the dotted line "by his agent and attorney in fact..." till my arm dropped off.

So, now we just have to move in...

A few things first. I scheduled all the utilities to switch over and dropped my DSL service in favor of cable internet. Whether I live to regret that remains to be seen, but we'll give it a try as the house is all pre-wired.

Edit: two weeks after the move, and still with no Comcast internet service, I told them what to do with their service and got us signed up for AT&T's U-Verse service. It rocks!!!

I spent July 4th weekend sloshing (well okay, not sloshing exactly) sealer on the ceramic floor tile. I had been going to just to the grout (see above) but it was very tedious and we have a veritable sea of tile to do, so I opted for the easier route of sealing the tile and grout at the same time with a sponge mop. It went soooo much quicker!

I did the same on all the wood floors too.

Funny how Eric couldn't be there for all the preparations.... hmmmmm... are we seeing a pattern here?

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