Our New House - Making Progress

I was busy for a few days and couldn't get to the house. Then it was locked a couple of times I went over. Then I went over and couldn't believe they'd tiled the floor and put the kitchen cabinets in! Wow - it will be finished in a couple of weeks at this rate!

This is a first for me - our very own curbside mailbox! Everywhere else I have lived here in Houston, we've had the community mailboxes, with all the boxes together - usually at least two blocks from the house. Being able to pick up mail at my very own driveway will be quite the novelty.

I'm happy with our choice of wood on the cabinets. Tons of cabinet space here, as well as a neat pantry with in-door spice rack (see below)

I just love the arches around the kitchen. I think we lucked out there -- the model originally came with a plain old square island, but we had seen another model (the Warren IV, as opposed to the Warren VII) that had cabinetry and an angled counter. So we asked for that option and when they were framing it out, we realized that it came with the bonus of the awesome arches that can be seen in this photo taken before the cabinets went in.

Now it's not all perfect yet, of course. Just walking around I noticed several dings on the walls and holes where there shouldn't be holes, but our sales counselor said the project manager had done a walk through and had been making notes too, so I'm sure they'll get fixed.

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