Our New House - Choosing the Model and Lot

So here we are in February, 2008, and as I mentioned, we've already signed the contract on our new home. At the same time, we got to pick out our brick and stone accent color, as well as the exterior paint colors.

Next on the agenda, while Eric is getting down to the nitty gritty of getting a mortgage loan, I get to do the neat stuff, like visit the design center and pick out the flooring, the kitchen cabinets, counter tops etc. etc. and try not to double the price of the house with expensive upgrades ;)

Below is the style of the new home we have chosen - The Warren. Ours will look a little different because it will have two side by side garage doors, known as "carriage" doors and also the brick color will be different and there will be stone accent trim on the front.

Below you can see the lot we have selected - quite a bit of tree clearing to be done before construction starts, but I'm hoping to save one or two pine trees in the back garden. There's also a picture of Eric with the all-important SOLD sign :)

Plantation Homes

Floorplan and Virtual Tour

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