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My New House - Craft Room/Office

View of the craft room/office

Since I spend an inordinate amount of time at my computer, both working and playing, I plan on making this room into a comfortable and cozy office. I'll also be using a large corner desk as a craft table, with storage underneath for craft supplies.

One huge priority is to get the cable for my Road Runner high speed internet connection brought into this room. Note: after a few months of abysmal service from Road Runner, during which I was often left without any service at all for up to two weeks at a time, I switched over to SBC Yahoo! DSL.

The photo below, taken in the spring of 2005, a year and a half after moving into the house, shows how things have changed.

For a start, my monitor died and I ended up buying a 19-inch, which didn't fit on my old, small desk. So I moved the whole setup to this large corner desk, which had been intended for crafting. I like having it here, it means I can look outside as I work.

Artwork on the walls are projects I have done in Photoshop Elements, some of which are displayed elsewhere on this Web site.

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