Panda got his name for obvious reasons (although, as you can see below, he didn't actually turn black and white till he was a month or two old)

Panda just turning color

Panda has a kink in his tail, that he inherited from Chloe, as do Missy and Baggie. We had thought it was an injury when we first got Chloe, but realized it was a genetic trait when two of her first litter were born with the condition.


I do believe Panda used to be what is called the "pariah" of the clowder. I have no idea which one is the alpha, but I think Panda was at the bottom of the heap. He used to get stressed quite easily if Pippin or one of the others looked at him funny. He gotpicked on by the others and was in more than one knock-down, drag-out fight, not of his own instigation. Poor guy.

I used to try to make it up to him. He loves to sit in my lap while I'm watching TV, so I would let him monopolize me while I watch CSI Miami, but is very wary of strangers, hissing and scratching at them. He's gradually begun to accept Eric and stop having hysterics when Eric walks by him.

Right before I made the move to our current house, Panda managed to break his foot. And then during the move itself, he went missing! You can read about that traumatic event here.

Another strange thing about Panda is that after BJ passed away, Panda became a totally different cat. He has seemed to take on many of BJ's mellow personality traits, almost like BJ's spirit is inside him somehow. He's become a much friendlier, mellower cat and (knock on wood) hasn't had a fight with Pippin in ages. He even lets Eric pet him and play with him.

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