When we had had Freckles for a few months, we got concerned about her being on her own all the time while we were at work. (This was before we knew she was an only cat at heart) So we adopted Panther from Adopt-A-Cat.

Freckles, far from being pleased to have a friend, hissed at him. It was weeks before she settled down and accepted him. Panther, on the other hand, tried his hardest to make friends with her. He's a huge black cat, but he had (and still has) the cutest little high-pitched meow and as he approach her slowly, you could almost hear him saying "don't you want to be my friend?."


Panther lived a good long life, he lived to be at least 21 as far as I can figure. He kept himself to himself, and didn't really bond with the younger cats, but he liked to lay in bed with me at night and have his ears rubbed.

Sadly, his old body just wore out. We knew the day was coming, but that didn't make it any easier. He had been a walking skeleton for over a year, but even though he ate constantly, everything went right through. Still he remained happy and perky right up until the end. He told us it was time to let him go in late September 2015.

RIP Panther - you will be missed

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