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Mum, dad, Eric and myself, celebrating my 50th birthday, England 2006

Early in 2006, my sister made a wonderful suggestion -- why didn't I come back home to England to celebrate my 50th birthday? I'll admit I hadn't given it a thought and was expecting the birthday to pass by unnoticed, as it certainly would have if I had stayed here. Celebrating birthdays isn't big in my department at work. So arrangements were made and Eric even got to fly to Houston and then accompany me to London (the transatlantic trip together made it even more magical) This photo was taken at a local restaurant where we, along my sister, her husband and kids, and friends Tony and Maureen, celebrated in style :)

Cutting my birthday cake, July 2006

I was mortified when they brought out the cake, complete with a flaming "50" on the top!

Eric at Tower Bridge, July 2006

Eric has had a moustache as long as I have known him. It took some time getting used to it when he shaved, but I really like it in this photo taken of him at Tower Bridge.

Eric with mum and dad on the beach at Lepe, July 2006

One of the day trips we took was to the New Forest in Hampshire, and then down to the beach at Lepe. I love this photo of Eric with my parents.

Eric and I on the beach at Lepe, July 2006

Here's a photo of Eric again, this time on the beach with me at Lepe.

Eric at the Smithsonian, July 2005

Eric spent some time in Washington, D.C., on assignment. While he was there, I was able to visit him. I've never been to D.C. before and really enjoyed it. I love this photo of him, which I took at the Smithsonian.

Mum and Dad walking by the canal. England 2005

Whenever I go to England, dad always gets out his books and finds new places for us to go and visit. This photo was taken as we were walking to "King John's Castle" in Hampshire. May 2005.

Eric and Jayne

On my first visit to San Fransisco, Eric took me to see some of the many sights. This photo was taken in the Japanese Tea Gardens.


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