Jayne's New Country Home

My New House - The Porch

The Porch

The porch isn't huge, but it's big enough for a couple of comfortable chairs. The orientation of the house means that it will be shaded most of the day (very important if you plan on sitting outside in Houston in summer!) Having next door's garage right there means we don't have to sit and stare at each other when we're out on our porches!

View From The Porch

This is the view I will see as I sit on my porch, sitting my cup of tea in the morning! It's so quiet out there, far enough away from the freeway so I don't get that constant hum of traffic. In fact, on this particular visit, I sat on the steps for a while and was impressed by how clearly I could hear the birds in the woods you can see in the background. It's really quite out in the country!

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