I can hardly believe it myself, but Eric and I finally named the date and began planning our wedding.

We had struggled for months to come to a decision on where to get married because our families are literally scattered across the globe -- his in California and Indiana, mine in the U.K. and an aunt and uncle in Florida. We toyed with the idea of a Vegas wedding, but visions of Elvis chapels kept giving me nightmares...

And when Eric got a work assignment in Hawaii scheduled for October, we started talking about him tacking an extra week or so on the end and getting me out there too, since I had never been there.

From there, the conversation went along the lines of "could you think of a more romantic place to get married?" (and that was him talking, not me!) So Eric started some online researching into what we would need to get married in Hawaii (a passport and driver's license is all we'll need) and we looked into wedding packages available.

We settled on Bridal Dream Hawaii. They offer a range of wedding packages ranging from very basic beach weddings on Waikiki, to very exclusive private ceremonies with lots of guests.

Since there were just the two of us, we opted for a secluded wedding at Waialae Beach Park, which is beautiful. We had a limousine (a Chevy Avalanche stretch limo, to be exact) to take us from our hotel and back. The package included an orchid bouquet, a buttonhole (also with an orchid) for Eric, wedding photography and a CD of pics, plus an album and a framed marriage certificate:)

Both Eric's family and my family gave their blessings and wished us the very best, with strict instructions to "send photos" since they couldn't be there.

Our honeymoon was spent on the beautiful island of Kauai (and I hope I spelled that right!)

It's strange to think that when Eric and I very first met online, he went on a work-related trip there and as we emailed every day, he told me all about it. He even told me that he had seen a wedding taking place on Waikiki beach as he was taking a stroll one evening and thought how romantic that would be. Who knew that all this time later, we'd actually be planning to get married there ourselves?

Talk about destiny!

Oh -- and the date we set? We were married on October 30th, 2007!

I promised I'd post photos and here they are!

Wedding in Paradise!

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