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I suppose you could call me a wannabe writer. I always enjoyed English at school and after I left school started writing some (still unfinished) children's books. Over the years I have written several essays, observations and humorous pieces. Unfortunately, during the moves and changes of my life, many of those pieces, which were still bound together in old notepads and looseleaf binders, got lost.

However, over the past several years I have been able to find a positive outlet for my lurking creativity in the About Horses site, now When I started that site with The Mining Company in 1997, we were expected to write weekly articles on our topics. Of course, most of my articles were factual, how-to type articles on horses and horse care, but I've listed some below that are of a more general nature, including some humorous and nostalgic pieces.

The links below go to stories posted on EquiSearch because of contractual issues that prevent me posting them here.

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